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Merchant Navy as Career

Shipping industry or maritime industry is the backbone of international trade. It carries over 90% by volume of international trade. Without shipping, the import and exports of goods on the scale required is impossible. There are more than 80,000 merchant ships trading cargo all over the world. Our country is the largest manpower supplier to the international shipping industry.


Where all courses leading to professional maritime qualifications are provided under one roof To meet the manpower requirement to marine industry. The academy is to provide courses and Programs of the highest quality to meet the international requirements. The academy has a pool of qualified faculty member with extensive maritime experience as well as high academic qualifications. The global networks projects. The academy as an international player and major contributor to the maritime education and training world.

Financially and professionally merchant navy is a very rewarding career. By providing a fulfilling career choice, the nature of job provides unmatched demands and challenges. Life at sea can be tough, so you need to employ both your theoretical and practical knowledge. The benefits are enough like; high pay packages anywhere between 20,000 to 9, 00,000 INR.

Travelling to various parts of the world . totally tax free Salary benefits. easy and very quick promotions. NRI Staus after 182 days sea service. Free lodging and Bording facilities on ships etc.the other benefits Inculde satisfaction as working on a truly globalized Platform, and a sense of belongingness to one of the Finest global professions and truly international Perspective.

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