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Our Academy provide the following Trainings & Facilities:

  1. Welcome young talents – We will take our students from all over India and will welcome all abilities and talents, providing the support that each student needs to be the best they can be.
  2. Raise aspirations – We want our students, with the support of our trainers, to reach for the career they aspire for and to be able to choose their own futures. We will build their confidence, courage and self-esteem.
  3. Try new ways of teaching – Our academy use different approaches to teaching and learning. For example, we use Outward Bound activities that develop great team-working and leadership skills.
  4. Respect the environment – Our Academy building has been built to be environment friendly.

General Ship Knowledge

  1. Basic Ship Knowledge
  2. General Ship Board safety
  3. Types of Ship
  4. Hand Tools & Measuring Instruments
  5. Rope Work
  6. Blocks, Tackles & Purchases
  7. Ship Maintenance
  8. Basic Navigational Rules
  9. Anchor Work
  10. Cargo Work
  11. Bridge Watch-keeping

STCW 95 Course

  1. Familiarization with duties in Engine Room
  2. Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities(PSSR)
  3. Personal Survival Techniques (PST)
  4. Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (FPFF)
  5. Elementary First Aid (EFA)

Marine Engineering

  1. Familiarization with duties in Engine Room
  2. Instruments in Engine Room
  3. Maintenance and Workshop Practice
  4. Auxiliary Machinery
  5. Over-view of Diesel Engine
  6. Watch-keeping in Engine Room
  7. Level Measuring
  8. Storage Tank
  9. Emergency in Engine Room
  10. Fire and Flooding Equipment in Engine Room
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Rules and Regulation

  1. The rules and regulations shall be binding on all students, This may be changed without prior intimation to the student.
  2. Fees once paid are not refundable of transferable for any reason under any circumstances.
  3. If the behavior of the students is found detrimental to the smooth functioning of the academy and the hostel, he will be dismissed/removed from the Academy and the Debarred students will not be Re-Admitted.
  4. Students are expected to maintain strict discipline in the Academy/Hostel campus/outside during training period. Use of Alcohol tobacco and other illegal drugs are strictly prohibited. ( If any students found violation , will be dismissed from the Academy).
  5. Academy is not responsible for any kind of Accident / Death/ Physical Injuries when they are doing practical in the Academy or any other place of training outside the Academy such as swimming pool , port Trust , Boating , Also Academy is not responsible for any compensation for any incident /Refund of the course fee.
  6. If any person found quality of producing false certificates he shall be debarred from the course at any stage and shall be punished as per the law. He will be made unfit for the sea service life long. The course fee whatever paid either full or part can not be refunded.
  7. After the admission the original certificate will be retained by the academy and it will be returned onlyAfter the verification. The academy is approved for specified number of seats for each course. The entire infrastructure and facility of the academy are utilized by the seats. Thus each seat involves considerable proportionate cost. Once the course has commenced, New candidate can not join in midway. Thus each candidate is expected to complete his course in one ago.
  8. That no fees, partial of full , will refunded in any candidates is required to leave the academy, during the training period for any reason of either he of his parent’s wish to withdraw the course of if any candidate found unfit to continue , including medical ground , or what so ever reason , prior to the completion of the training .
  9. AMA will take necessary care about any emergencies, facilities; Academy is not responsible of any personal injury of any diseases suffered by any trainees during their training & stay.
  10. Damage or loss to training substitute property due to negligence or otherwise committed by ratings will have to be reimbursed to the training substitute and the capt. Superintendent decision as to the amount payable will be final.