About Us
AMANATULLAH Manpower Supply Private Limited are Established in 2006. The objective of providing well-organized and sparkling "manpower" service to its clients. Have satisfied many organizational technical and other official procedures. AMSPL is entitled to organize unbounded number of recruits. Since beginning "AMSPL has kept its place among the leading overseas manpower enrolment companies in Qatar, Dubai and Gulf countries and is being highly praised by number of overseas clients. We are providing the skilled, semi-skilled, non-skilled, as well as low categories workers in very shortest time, as per clients need.

Who we are?
We provide our services to the companies from Middle East Countries, Gulf Countries, East / Far East Asian Countries and India .We are located in Navi Mumbai India.

What we do?
Amanatullah is a Manpower Recruitment Supply firm who help clients in recruiting workforce for mixture of profiles required at technical, non technical, hospitality and office administration altitude.

What's our Philosophy
When we initiated this venture, we honestly asked ourselves, and how could we establish and expand our business in a severely competitive business environment? To answer this apparently innocuous question, we thought instead of giving umpteen promises to the prospective clients, in its place why not we promise to ourselves? This would ensure our focus on the services quality and keep us motivated in a longer run. And we promised ourselves to do three things in order to begin and grow our business.

What was the response
To bring these promises, made to ourselves, in practice was a tough one. These three positions, for which we committed to stand for, were not just made to be boldly typed and framed decoratively behind the wall where the receptionist sits in our office. We strived to make them realty. We truly wore them on our minds. We discussed them over and over again. We virtually lived with them. Finally we succeeded to sculpt out the correct attitude required for it from every one of us at Amanatullah. Our sincere and strict adherence to these commitments resulted into the client satisfaction. The chain reaction was set in motion. The happy clients first fetched us acknowledgements. The word of mouth spread as we continued to deliver our services professionally. All this summed up into gaining recognition for us in the market. As the years passed by, we achieved the reputation as a trusted and dependable Manpower Recruitment Consultants, who delivered on time.

What's the challenge today?
Today our challenge lies in maintaining this hard earned reputation. To achieve that we have already prepared ourselves to meticulously map the altering needs & trends of the market place, in general, and that of our clients, in particular. And we respond to them quickly. We continuously raise the bar of the quality standards of the services offered by us. We keep on expanding or adding relevant services and facilitations to remain competitive and different. We ensure consistency in delivering with stipulated results through our systems and processes which are faster and client friendly.